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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Four El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Get $4000 Grant

Four El Paso County Sheriff's Offices will get extra training when it comes to investigating traffic accidents, thanks to the$4000 grant given by the Texas Department of Transportation. The money comes from the Impaired Driving Mobilization Incentive Project, and will also be used to purchase equipment such as traffic jackets, engine guard cover for patrol units and siren/light covers.

The Sheriff's Office says that their method of training, the Certified Traffic Reconstruction Course will give deputies first-hand experience when it comes to dealing with motor vehicle collisions and how to safeguard evidence from such. Students will be provided with the necessary skills they need when it comes to reconstructing and analyzing motor vehicle collisions. They will be given working experience when it comes to interpreting, documenting and safeguarding evidence. These are necessary skills when preparing and then presenting expert opinions in a court of law.

The traffic jackets to be purchased will give the wearer added visibility, as well as added protection in the form of reinforced padding for the elbows and back. The engine guard covers will help response vehicles to resist wind currents. The siren/light covers will help protect equipment.

As a motorist, you may be ordered by the County Clerk in El Paso to take a Texas defensive driving course to dismiss your traffic ticket. Consider completing this online by an approved TEA course provider.

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