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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Del Rio: City Considering Texting Ban

In Del Rio, last Tuesday, a meeting of the city council was held with one big topic being considered: a texting ban in the city.

Del Rio Police Department Chief Arnaldo Ramos spearheaded the topic, giving both local and national statistics which link traffic accidents and texting. Ramos even cited other cities in Texas which have outright banned texting while driving: Austin, El Paso, Galveston and the most recent one to get a texting-while-driving ban, San Antonio.

He insisted that the scope of the proposed ban be inclusive of all cell phone use while driving, not just texting. Councilman Fred Contreras suggested that all city staff set the example, by not partaking in the practice.

Mayor Roberto “Bobby” Fernandez closed the session by suggesting to the city staff that they begin researching on cell phone policies or other ordinances and enforcement by looking at samples from other Texas communities.

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