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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Texas Tornado Safety

Just last Sunday, a tornado hit the city of Rice in Navarro County in Texas. Several vehicles were flipped, and a local high school was damaged and fortunately, injuries are at a minimum. A local man was even able to capture the awesome force of the tornado that hit. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39827601/ns/weather/)

Tornadoes, unlike other natural disasters, could be predicted --- at least, to the best of the abilities of the current detection systems. Now this gives everyone an advantage of preparation. Although this doesn't mean that Texas residents should ONLY start preparing for tornadoes when there are warnings, but more like, being prepared for a tornado at all times.

Here are a couple of tornado safety tips:

  • When there's a tornado warning, be updated via radio, tv or internet weather alerts.

  • Prepare a shelter --- if it's underground, even better --- where the family may stay during the duration of the tornado. If there's no available underground shelter, opt to stay in a part of the house with the least windows. The bathroom is a great option --- stay in the tub and cover yourself and your family with a mattress.

  • Stay away from windows. Most tornado fatalities are from debris, not by the tornado itself.

  • If you're driving: get out of the car. Tornadoes possess such awesome force that would make cars float about like a feather. If the driver is near a tornado and there's no shelter in sight, look for a ditch to stay under. Also, if there’s already a tornado warning, just DON’T drive. There will be debris and fallen trees and power lines that make driving conditions even worse.

  • Remember to stock up on the essentials for your shelter. Clean drinking water, flashlights, batteries and food that can be eaten without heating.

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