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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Great Texas Plate Auction 2011

Texans pride themselves on being, well, Texans --- this extends to all things --- even license plates! For a little more than a year now, MyPlates, the TxDMV officially-approved method of getting personalized-plates has been allowing Texans to spread their pride by giving them all of 6-characters to create a plate with.

And it doesn’t stop there --- motorists could even choose a background for these plates, which include new designs that are truly Texan, like “Lone Star State,” or “Don’t Tread on Me.”

This coming 2011, the TxDMV, along with MyPlates will be auctioning off pre-designed plates on January 13 at Cowboys Stadium. The difference? This will be the first-time ever that the TxDMV and MyPlates have designed plates with 7-characters. No more trying to spell "RANGERS" by putting down “RNGERS” in a plate: one of the to-be-auctioned plates is "Texas RANGERS."

Other sought-after plates are: "COWBOYS," --- and "STARS".
For the complete auction list, check out: http://www.greattexasplateauction.com/Combinations.

Proceeds from this auction will benefit the State of Texas General Revenue Fund, MyPlates and selected charities.


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