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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Texas ‘Know When to Pass’ Campaign

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) continues the ‘Know When to Pass’ campaign by having its ‘Know When to Pass’ truck visit football games across the state of Texas.

The University of Texas has noted that football game days are among the heaviest days for alcohol consumption. With the heavy alcohol consumption, there is more chance for football fans to be driving under the influence of alcohol. The state plans to combat that by the ‘Know When to Pass’ campaign, creating awareness all over Texas that people who have been drinking should know when to either pass up a drink, or pass their keys to a sober designated driver.

The scheduled stops for the ‘Know When to Pass’ truck are as follows:
(with Lubbock done last Nov. 4-6 and El Paso done on the 8th)

  • Austin: Nov. 11-13 for University of Texas vs. Oklahoma State (Nov. 13)

  • San Antonio: Nov. 15

  • College Station: Nov. 18-20 for Texas A&M vs. Nebraska (Nov. 20)

  • Dallas: Nov. 21-23 for Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions (Nov. 21)

  • Austin: Nov. 25 for University of Texas vs. Texas A&M

  • Houston: Nov. 28-30 for Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans (Nov. 28)

Football fans are encouraged to check out the ‘Know When to Pass’ Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/KnowWhentoPass.

"We believe the 'Know When to Pass' truck will help us raise awareness among people throughout the state and, if they've been drinking, motivate them to pass their keys to a designated sober receiver," said Carol T. Rawson P.E., TxDOT Traffic Operations Director. "Our goal is to create turnovers by having impaired drivers turn over their keys to someone else, thereby reducing the number of crashes and fatalities in our state."

Texas Statistics

  • 45 percent of those who drink at a football watching party in Texas, have reported driving home.

  • According to TxDOT, 30.9 percent of the total traffic fatalities were caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol in 2009. These figures increase over the weekend and on football game days.

  • In 2009, there were 27,237 DUI crashes in Texas and 1,547 (6 percent) occurred on football game days when a Texas team was playing.

TxDOT want to encourage fans to enjoy the big games and still be responsible when it comes to drinking, and knowing when to pass.

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