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Friday, November 12, 2010

Houston Texas Healing Fields

The Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol has devised a way to increase awareness on drunk driving while at the same time, honoring those who are casualties of such incidents: one American flag for every one of the 1,551 casualties of drunk driving in Texas in 2009.

The flags are displayed at Walter Hall Park in League City at a site known as Healing Fields. "The Healing Field is a place that we have designated to bring awareness," says Council spokesperson Shelly Higgins.

"These are senseless, preventable deaths," she adds. Texas continues to have a high number of fatal drunk-driving accidents each year and increasing awareness by showing --- visually --- how many fatalities driving under the influence yields. The Healing Field was set up last weekend and will be in place for Veteran’s Day. It will be retired Friday morning.

Should this become an annual thing, it truly can be considered that the less is the more, and hopefully, by next year, there would be significantly less flags.

Read more about other initiatives to prevent drunk driving in Texas including the TX DOT program "Know When to Pass".

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