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Friday, March 25, 2011

Proposed Texas Bill to Increase Fines for Traffic Violations

Rep. Naomi Gonzalez of El Paso has filed a bill that would increase the state traffic fine from $30 to $45. And for good reason, also --- her proposal is that this would create something like an extra $85 million for the state over the next two years, according to estimates.

"With a statewide budget crisis and ever-increasing healthcare costs, helping our local governments and local hospitals bear new financial burdens is incredibly important," says Gonzalez. Her goal for the said bill is to raise money (62% goes to the general fund) and increase safety. When fines are increased, speeding or disobeying other traffic laws become a much harder option for drivers.

The $15 increase may net up to $53.4 million by 2013, which becomes a lot of help for state needs.

This is just one of the many proposed sources of new revenue for the state of Texas. Other suggestions include increasing the fine for drivers who don't pay toll fees by up to $250, reckless driving to cost up to $500 and motorists who drive without licenses up to $200.

These numbers all start to look a bit steep, but considering the only way to avoid paying the extra fines is to drive carefully and not disobey any traffic law while at it --- it's not so bad.

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