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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Refresh Your Driving Skills

What was the year you took drivers education?   Was it way back in the 80's or 90's when you first learned the Rules of the Road? Can you still remember and apply everything that you learned back then? Do you think everything taught then still applies now?

When it comes to your driving skills, it's always a good idea to take a refresher every now and then. What happens sometimes, even to experienced drivers is they become so complacent with the way they drive, they get so used to it that when faced with an unexpected situation they may panic.

Here are a couple to remember while driving:

Maintenance – This is for you and your vehicle. When your vehicle is well-maintained, it is less likely to break down while you are operating it. When it comes to you, always maintain safety before sticking the key into the ignition. Buckle up your seat belt, stay calm, be courteous to other drivers and focus on driving.

Follow speed limits and traffic signs – Do you remember what all the signs symbolize? Speed limits and traffic signs are put up in strategic places after years of study and analysis by road engineers. They weren't put there to put a damper on your driving, it's there for your own good.

Say NO to overtaking and tailgating – This is actually a two-part tip: stay cool and say no. When someone overtakes or tailgates you, never lose your cool. If someone wants to pass you? Let them, it's not a race.

Defensive Driving – If you feel like you or a member of your family need a full refresher course, a defensive driving course will cover:
  • Traffic Safety
  • Signs and Road Markings
  • Speeding
  • Sharing the Road
  • Manage Driving Conditions
  • Safety and Maintenance
  • Driver Safety Laws
Take the lessons, absorb, then apply to your driving techniques.
Keep your hands on the wheel – Remember the lesson on keeping your hands on the wheel at the "10" and "2" position? There's a reason for that, it's so your hands don't get distracted with other things while driving. Eliminate all forms of distraction in your vehicle. Park somewhere if you need to make or take a call or read a text message.

Be attentive – You can always change yourself, but not others. Other drivers may make driving unpredictable for you. Always be alert: be ready to use the brakes when needed. Listen to traffic or weather reports before leaving, to give you an idea of the road conditions, and how you'll need to prepare for it.

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