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Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting your CDL license in Texas can be a Confusing Journey

There’s a rigorous application/testing process that one has to go through to earn their right to operate a commercial vehicle --- and by being fully educated, you are well on your way to getting it.

Fulfill the requirements
Texas Commercial Drivers LicenseYou have to be at least 21 years old and have a valid Texas driver's license. You also have to carry with you your social security card for verifying your identity. It helps if you have a clean driving record. If not, there should at least be no unsettled traffic tickets, as this may stop you from progressing.

Know everything!
First off, find out if your local Texas driver's license office offers CDL testing. Here's a link to a Texas DPS page that offers information on some driver's license offices. (http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/administration/driver_licensing_control/rolodex/search.asp)  

Secondly, you have to know what you will be using your CDL license for: are you going to be operating a school bus, construction vehicle, or will you be a trucker? In Texas, there are 3 specific CDL classes determined by the weight and function of a vehicle you will be operating. There might also be specific endorsements you need to take up for that job, so it’s better to know them beforehand.

Third and last: review the Texas Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Handbook. All the answers in the written test can be found there. There are CDL practice tests that will help you with that if reading a manual aimlessly doesn’t help you.

Be prepared for the driving test
As an applicant, you will be expected to provide the vehicle to be used for the driving test. For the Texas CDL, you are usually required to perform the driving test in the same vehicle that you will be operating once you get your CDL.

Once you pass, there’s only the matter of paying the fee and getting your picture and fingerprint taken. Hopefully this list has broken down just a bit of what to expect when applying for your Texas CDL.   Before you site for your written test it is recommended you complete a practice test.  Good luck!

Additional Practice Driving Tests and Endorsements can be found at TestQuestionsAndAnswers.com.

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