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Monday, August 22, 2011

Stay Safe this Labor Day Weekend

The last big weekend of summer is coming up. Whether you are traveling in Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio, all around Texas millions of drivers will be hitting the road for one final summer getaway before everyone goes back to school and the weather turns cool. Whether you are going travel for a weekend away at the coast or a local lake or simply driving around your own area there are some common things to watch out for:

Motorcycles and Bicycles - As you head out onto the road and feel the wind in your hair or to take that cross country biking trip consider some quick rider safety tips. Drivers should be aware that motorcycles and bicycles have a right to share the road and should be treated as you would treat any other vehicle. Cyclists should also remember that they are required to follow all traffic laws just as they would in a car. Because they have a low profile, motorists often don't see a cycle until it is too late. For motorists who are entering traffic from a driveway or an intersection, remember the rule; look left, right, and then left again, before proceeding.

Pace Yourself – A long day under the hot sun will tire you out. To prevent fatigue and dehydration make sure you eat well and don't use alcohol to satisfy your thirst. Alcohol will increase your dehydration and the hot sun combined with the dehydration will only compound the effects of the alcohol. Don't stay so long that you are totally worn out before you hit the road. If necessary, take turns driving home to avoid drowsy driving and falling asleep behind the wheel. Don't rely on energy drinks to make up for a lack of sleep.

Crowds - As family and friends gather together parking lots or small town festivals can mean big crowds. Be on the lookout for pedestrians and especially for children darting out into the street or behind your vehicle.

Have a happy and enjoyable Labor Day weekend and get home safe.

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