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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Prevent Distracted Driving: Have You Signed the Pledge Yet?

It started out in the movies, really. Years ago, when the mobile market was booming, people started finding out that they can talk/text while they were at the cinema. These kinds of people not only miss out on what's happening on-screen, but they also caused noise, distraction and generally everything that kills off the magic in a movie. Theaters ask everyone to turn off their phones or put them in silent mode before a movie starts, but even now, you could sometimes still see the glow from a mobile screen somewhere in the dark. Imagine that, while driving.

The growth in the number of distracted driving laws in the last few years is surprising. Are we that important, that impatient, that much in demand that we simply can't put our phones down even when we're absolutely supposed to?

Are we a generation that cannot wait? With information literally at our fingertips at all times, it's kind of hard to let go even for just a second. Like most innovations, there is an equal amount of potential good and potential harm.

A simple site, http://prevent-distracted-driving.org/, is asking people to sign a pledge. The pledge is simple, by visiting their pledge form site: http://prevent-distracted-driving.org/pledge-form/, people could put in the ways they can prevent distracted driving along with their state.

Their site is also constantly updated with news on distracted driving bans, new technology on preventing distracted driving and accidents that involve distracted driving.

Their mission is simple: promote awareness and prevention of distracted driving by organizing a community of concerned citizens who will share and promote the cause.

Though it is started by a personal injury law firm, their site clearly claims that it does not intend to provide legal advice --- nor are they looking to start attorney-client relationships. It shows that they themselves are merely concerned individuals, doing what they can to prevent distracted driving.

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